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2Day's Special Offers

2Day's Special has been designed and built keeping Customer and Restaurant Owners in mind.


Find instant pop-up specials by location item or price.


Add and edit live menu item pop-ups for restaurants to turn on/off select menu items on cloud based advertising platform and map.

Homeless Shelters

Supporting local shelters by allowing funds/food to be passed to people in need, directly from customers or restaurants.

User Friendly

Easy navigation and it's a breeze to find deals and share with others

Instant Updates

Live updates from restaurants. New daily, hourly, and up to the minute Specials from restaurants.

Community Conscious

Connect with restaurants and people to support your local homeless Shelters to feed those in need.

What is 2Day's Special

2Day's Special is a One-of-a kind "Good Deal" food advertiser in real time!!

Most restaurants offer special deals or enticing deals for meals called "Today's Special" to get people in their door. However, most times you don't know about the "Special" until you are already in the door. We offer the opportunity for restaurant and food truck owners to advertise a select menu of food and drink items posted online. These specials and advertised items are controlled fully by the restaurant owner to be changed up to the minute, thereby allowing consumers and businesses instant communication about available specials in real-time. We advertise food/drink, items, price. location and special pricing to potential customers registering in real time. We also allow payment to be locked in if necessary online through our application. Our goal is to create more efficient communication between the customer and restaurants for special deals strengthening revenue and saving jobs in the restaurants industry.

Your Benefits

2Day's Special in its next releases, wants to add food trucks to connect homeless and help fight hunger in our country

Find Specials

Real time process for finding Special meals

Quick Easy Search

Easy access to on and off menu specials Food Specials!

Share with Friends

Pay it Forward, community inclusion

Support those in need

Be a link in partnering customers, restaurants and homeless shelters.

App Screenshots

Below screenshots give you a glimpse of the apps both customer and business side. We would want you to explore more in the apps.

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